Trade and Investment Promotion is a digital platform inspired by the need to create a better connected world of trade and investment promotion professionals. Last year pushed us all further into the digital world and accelerated the uptake of digital solutions, tools, and services. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemics on investment and trade flows urge for joint efforts of all business support organizations. However, even today, the available information on trade and investment promotion activities still spreads out across hundreds of websites and providers, making it difficult to access them. Moreover, trade and investment promotion organizations often have scarce human and financial resources as well as limited time dedicated to online research. With this in mind, our platform strives to serve as the focal point for relevant insights on how to promote trade and investment in the post-pandemic business landscape of digital platforms and social networking tools as well as the changing profile of international businesses. Browsing through our pages gives you the following unique insights in a single digital location:

  • New investment and trade measures implemented by countries of your interest,
  • Latest trade and investment promotion practices,
  • Interviews with your peers,
  • Development of new digital tools,
  • Academic research on investment and trade, as well as other relevant updates.

Our main feature — The World of Trade and Investment Promotion digital map —  will showcase worldwide trade and investment promotion organizations throughout their activities, structure, networks, and implemented digital tools.  

If you are a potential foreign investor in need of tailored information (market research); or looking to get in touch with a specific business support organization and you have specific consulting enquiries about international business development, please feel free to contact us at info@tradeandinvesmentpromotion.com or through social media. You can also opt to subscribe to our monthly Newsletter and to follow us on Linkedin and Twitter! In conclusion, I hope that this initiative will help bring together different actors in joint efforts to promote investment and trade flows by enabling access to relevant information, expanding knowledge through peer learning, and identifying synergy opportunities through potential partnerships.


Msc Ana Grujovic is a graduated economist and has completed the Master studies at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis in France. She has rich experience in international commerce, and especially in the field on investment and trade promotion.

Ana’s professional curriculum includes the French Agency for International Develpment, UBIFRANCE (now Business France), consulting for the World Bank, research work at the Swiss ”World Trade Institute” in Berne, Switzerland and many other activities. In 2015, Ms. Grujovic became the International Trade Center’s (ITC) Certified Trainer for Market Analysis and Research. Her research work on bilateral chambers of commerce was published by ITC, the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations.