Developed by a network of member contributors, the Trade and Investment Promotion website was created with a view of building a more interconnected world of trade and investment promotion practitioners, simplifying access to all relevant information grouped in a single digital platform and emphasizing the importance of the role of private firms for the further development of trade and investment strengthening institutions (TISIs). This network includes a large number of consultants, researchers, experts, private company representatives as well as business professionals and practitioners in the field of trade and investment promotion around the globe.

In today’s fast changing global market, accessing a number of key information which could serve for TISI’s capacity building and knowledge improvement still remains challenging. Private sector companies are often unaware of the existence of TISI’s specialized information resources and/or tools which could enable them to identify more trade and investment opportunities, compare market potentials and better understand the structure and evolution of international markets. Trade and Investment promotion website is a response to an information gap in trade and investment promotion practices and it strives to shed more light on the importance of TISIs for international trade and investment development by providing the latest investment and trade promotion information in a single digital platform, free of charge, accessible to all.