IPA Qatar and Business France jointly announced the signing of a MoU

qatar business france

Business France agree to expand presence in Qatar in partnership with IPA Qatar to enhance investment and cooperation between both countries

The agreement will facilitate the expansion of Business France’s office in Qatar and aims to strengthen relations and boost cooperation between the two parties by setting the foundation for institutional collaboration.

The agreement, which follows a letter of intent signed in February 2020, underlines the two entities’ commitment to further broaden their partnership and facilitate the exchange of professional expertise, market information and research with regards to foreign direct investment promotion and attraction. Additionally, the MoU will entail joint business initiatives in marketing, investors facilitation and retention, and policy analyses, among other areas.

The ceremony was attended by Sheikh Ali Alwaleed Al-Thani, Chief Executive Officer, IPA Qatar and Pascal Cagni, Chairman of the board of Business France.

Commenting on the new partnership, Sheikh Ali Alwaleed Al-Thani, CEO, IPA Qatar, said: “We are pleased to sign this landmark agreement with Business France, which contributes to further strengthening the bilateral relations between Qatar and France. I am confident that this partnership will be another pivotal step towards increasing the presence of French businesses in Qatar, which currently count for more than 400 companies, operating across a wide range of industries. Equally significant, this agreement complements our efforts in fostering innovation and technology in our business environment, in addition to nurturing high-skilled talent and supporting the exchange of expertise and knowledge.”

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Marie-Cécile Tardieu, COO of Business France, said: “With this agreement, Business France and IPA Qatar are deepening their constructive collaboration in a peer-to-peer spirit and mutual benefit. It reflects the strong and shared willingness to engage in an ambitious programme of cooperation through experience and intelligence sharing between the two agencies.”

Source/ Image Credit: Invest Qatar