Austrian companies’ investment in innovative solutions to help combat the Covid-19

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Austrian companies’ invested in innovative solutions to help combat the COVID-19 crisis

Advantage Austria published a special report dedicated to the investments of Austrian companies in innovative products and services of particular relevance in these times of COVID-19. The report presents companies from Austria who invested in products of particular relevance, whether it is investment in the medical-technical field (MEDICAL SUPPLIES), in pharmaceutical treatments and testing (TESTING AND TREATMENT), or using specific solutions in IT for both medical (DATA AND RESEARCH) and manufacturing as well as other purposes (IT). Discover other trade and investment promotion organizations HERE.


After some 100 days, Austria is trying to return to some form of normality, with most restrictions have been lifted and borders to neighboring countries largely reopened.

Following a decline in the number of new infections with Coronavirus, Austria has been able to lift  the shutdown almost entirely after about 100 days, and the beginning of May saw the society slowly enter a holding pattern dubbed the ‘ new normal’. The country has since been gradually reopening its shops, tourist sector, hospitality industry and a host of cultural, sporting and leisure facilities.

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Source/ Image Credit: Advantage Austria