Business Sweden interactive site selection map: quickly identify and analyse suitable investment locations in Sweden

business sweden

Explore available greenfield and brownfield sites in Sweden in the interactive site selection map tool to identify suitable establishment locations for your company

Sweden offers great conditions and locations for expanding your operations in Europe. Business Sweden has developed the interactive site selection map tool to find available sites suitable to your business needs.

The sites are primarily suitable for the manufacturing, datacenter, logistics and battery industry. Each site is presented with a set of data and pictures. Users can select filters such as size, location and industry purpose to narrow down the search. You can also add layers with key infrastructure and regional incentive areas to the map, allowing you to quickly identify and analyse suitable locations.


The following criteria can be used to identify which sites are best suited for your project:

  • Sites suitable for manufacturing
  • Sites suitable for logistics operations
  • Sites suitable for energy intensive operations
  • Property type
  • Sites located in specific municipality

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Business Sweden is jointly owned by the Swedish state and the Swedish business sector with a mandate and a mission to help international companies gain access to the Swedish market and help domestic ones utilize it as a platform for expansion.

With a holistic approach, Business Sweden is offering both hands-on support, strategic and practical expertise and a unique capability to create access where access is hard to get, both in Sweden and through 44 offices across Europe, Americas, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific. The expertise, presence and exclusive access to networks and stakeholders in both the public and private sectors in these markets gives BS a supreme ability to help clients navigate regional business structures in order to expand their business and unlock growth.

In short, Business Sweden helps companies turn opportunities into reality.

Source/Image Credit:Business Sweden