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The German Business Portal is the contact platform that steers all inquiries about Germany through the right channels

IXPOS is the business portal, official Platform for Foreign Trade Promotion of the Federal Republic of Germany. The website was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and is updated and expanded regularly. Here you can find practical information and relevant industry links in Germany. Through iXPOS you can also access many government institutions, associations, Chambers of Industry and Commerce, embassies and international organizations that deal with Germany.

iXPOS provides helpful information about Germany in the following areas: Marketplace Germany, Market Entry, Business Sectors, Contacts and Networks, EU Service Market. Interested companies can find the answers to questions, such as how to find business contacts in Germany or which import or tax regulations apply to their products. Just a few clicks are needed and companies can obtain reliable information on any topic of interest concerning Germany.

The IXPOS Business Finder

The iXPOS Business Finder connects German companies with potential business partners worldwide. The Business Finder helps you find new business contacts, cooperations as well as products and services in Germany and around the world.

iXPOS invites you to join its interactive Business Community and take advantage of features, such as creating your own profile, finding business contacts, posting your business inquiries as well as communicating and interacting with all members of the community.

iXPOS gives you the possibility of participating actively in our Discussion Forum. All you need to do is register in order to post your questions and comments. You can also contact our team by sending us an e-mail. A member of our team will take care of it personally.

Ask your questions about the German market in English, Spanish, French and German. We will be glad to answer them in English and German. If you have any suggestions and comments for our editorial team, do not hesitate to contact us.

Source/Image Credit: Germany Trade&Invest