Switzerland Global Enterprise S-GE

  • Headquarters in Zurich
  • offices in 31 countries worldwide
  • CEO: Simone Wyss Fedele
  • Established in 1927: The Swiss Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) has been mandating us to promote Switzerland as a business location since 2008
  • Formerly known as OSCE

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Institutional set-up

Digital platforms



As a non-profit organization, S-GE provides a public service for the clients on behalf of the Swiss Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) and the cantons.

At the end of 2018, foreign direct investments amounted to approximately 1’300 billion Swiss francs. Switzerland is an attractive location for foreign investors, in particular from the EU (84% or 1,087,992 million Swiss francs) and the USA. T In international competitiveness indexes, Switzerland has occupied one of the top spots for many years. Switzerland scores highest for innovativeness, a strong education system, and a flexible labor market. Switzerland is also one of the world’s leading innovators. In 2019, it was ranked as the world’s most innovative country for the ninth consecutive year, leading the Global Innovation Index.

Institutional set-up

The global network of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) also includes S-GE’s official representation in 27 target markets and regions (23 Swiss Business Hubs, 4 Trade Points). These so-called Swiss Business Hubs and Trade Points are integrated into the Swiss diplomatic missions abroad. This provides them with the best possible network of contacts abroad, which they use for our clients. Our global network of offices is a joint success story of S-GE, FDFA and SECO.

The first Swiss Business Hub was launched in 2001 in Italy. Since then, we have continued to open additional Swiss Business Hubs in important markets and regions and now has a network of 23 locations. We also operate four Trade Points, smaller offices in further markets.

Digital platforms


By providing the most significant business and demographics data for every city and region in Switzerland, the “Business Navigator” supports your search for your new business location or investment in Switzerland.

Leading companies: «Leading Companies» shows you important companies operating in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein with just one click. The dynamic visualization allows you a customized selection and grouping of companies according to sector, country of origin, and geographical location.

Expert Directory https://www.s-ge.com/en/service/expert-directory


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“We are seeing several success factors in our export and investment promotion agencies which will probably be similar in many developed countries – first and foremost, as mentioned, a strong focus on customers needs and the impact from geographical developments which require everyone to stay agile and flexible. Today, we have many more tools than 10 or 20 years ago to understand our customers better. Digitization plays an important role here but in a niche B2B offering, there’s always going to be some personal services as well. Also, the national and international network of partner institutions and experts are important to provide broad and specific support at the same time. And developing and keeping great talents to work for an agency underpins all of these activities.”


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