The UNCTAD 7th World Investment Forum

investment forum

The UNCTAD 7th World Investment Forum will focus on “Investing in sustainable recovery”, addressing today’s key challenge facing the global investment-development community.

The Forum will take place from 18 – 22 October 2021 and will specifically tackle the challenges and opportunities arising from the new industrial revolution, the sustainability imperative, the realignment of economic governance, and the efforts for greater economic resilience.

The deliberations will be informed by the World Investment Report 2020: International Production beyond the Pandemic and the World Investment Report 2021: Investing in Sustainable Recovery.

The 7th Forum will respond to the call by the UN General Assembly for concrete recommendations on how to overcome the impacts of the pandemic on promoting investments for sustainable development (Resolution A/Res/75/207 of 21 December 2020). The Forum’s outcome will feed back into the 76th United Nations General Assembly’s deliberations for global policy actions.

Investing in Sustainable Recovery

The UNCTAD World Investment Forum is a biennial multi-stakeholder gathering at the level of Heads of States and Governments, CEOs, ministers and heads of international organizations, designed to facilitate dialogue and action on the world’s current and emerging investment-development challenges.

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The 7th Forum will feature about 100 high-profile events and networking opportunities, including the World Leaders Investment Summits, Ministerial Round Tables, the Investment Promotion Conference, the International Investment Agreements Conference, the Global Sustainable Stock Exchanges dialogue, the Institutional Investors for Sustainable Development Round Table, the Family Business and Sustainable Development Conference, minister–business executive dialogues, multi-stakeholder sessions on special themes, and prestigious UN award ceremonies, as well as the launching of global initiatives for investment in development. The Forum is organized in partnership with over 80 international and regional organizations and entities.

Source/ Image Credit: UNCTAD