Business France announces the ‘Team France Export’ key players


The Team France reform serves as a major revision of the public export support system

Against a backdrop of reduced public spending, the Team France reform, by creating a set of alliances in France and abroad, will meet the national target assigned to public operators: that of having more exporters, and more exports, without compromising on the quality of services. A genuine public-private partnership, “Team France” will be supported by modern digital tools, which will be used by the entire ecosystem and co-financed by Business France and the dedicated fund for the transformation of public services.

The list of recipients is as follows:

  • Norway: Franco-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
  • Singapore: French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
  • Belgium: France-Belgium International Chamber of Commerce
  • Hungary: France-Hungary International Chamber of Commerce
  • Philippines: France-Philippines International Chamber of Commerce
  • Morocco: French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco

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