Doctor booking app launched: Now, book a physician in Dubai in seconds


The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has recently partnered with a healthtech start-up to introduce an instant online appointment system, which allows patients to search and book a general practitioner (GP), eye doctor or any other medical professional by specialty, insurance policy, location and even language spoken — in less than 40 seconds.

The new portal shows which registered physicians or specialists from different hospitals and clinics are available, in real time. And what’s more, patients don’t need to speak to a hospital staff, as bookings are confirmed via SMS, and email reminders will also be sent out. And, should they choose to cancel their booking or re-schedule, patients can conveniently do so without the need for making a phone call.

The application, which is free of charge for patient and is now live on the DHCC site (, has been rolled out in partnership with Okadoc, a start-up that seeks to be the Amazon of healthcare providers by bringing together the country’s doctors from different hospitals and clinics in one marketplace. Alternatively, patients can also download the Okadoc app on the App Store or access it through

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Image: Fodhil Benturquia, CEO and founder of healthtec start-up Okadoc.Image Credit: Supplied