Enterprise Greece: special investment status for strategic projects

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Enterprise Greece offers special investment status to strategic tourism and renewable energy projects

Seizing on the improvement of its fiscal reputation, Greece is stepping up efforts to support FDI by cutting taxes, reducing red tape, and accelerating privatization. It has also given 19 strategic projects a special Fast Track status. “Most of the Fast Track projects are in tourism assets or renewable energy production,” observes Georgios Filiopoulos, CEO of Enterprise Greece, an investment promotion agency. Read more about the trade and investment promotion ecosystem HERE.

Greece is offering special investment status to speed up the development of new FDI projects

What is the Fast Track Status?

A Greek law that allows large-scale, strategic investments to shorten the time for getting relevant permits and licenses. These projects may also receive special tax provisions. The Fast Track system is “currently the most relevant option for foreigners wishing to invest in Greece,” according to official EU sources.

The government recently adopted a new investment law that will eliminate hundreds of bureaucratic obstacles to investment

To attract foreign investment, Greece wants to get out the message that the country is indeed entering a new era. To do so, the government has launched the “Repositioning Greece” initiative to showcase the new Greece. One unintended but positive consequence of the coronavirus crisis has been to accelerate the growth of online public services, making it still easier for an investor to do business in Greece. Enterprise Greece is helping to make Greece a more investment-friendly destination with several initiatives. – said  Georgios Filiopoulos

Source/Image Credit: Enterprise Greece