InvestChile celebrates its fifth work anniversary!

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InvestChile is celebrating five years in 2021

Chile’s Foreign Investment Promotion Agency InvestChile was launched in 2016 with the mission of developing a proactive strategy to attract foreign investment to the country.

Over its first 5 years, InvestChile has advised 1,464 companies from 70 countries, which have materialized in a total of 157 projects for an amount exceeding US$18.3 billion. These projects have generated over 10,000 jobs.

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Part of InvestChile’s strategy over the years has focused on attracting high-tech projects, in order to transform our country into a Digital Hub in Latin America.

This has significantly raised the number of investment projects in the technology and global services sectors from 52 initiatives in 2017 to 188 as of September this year. These investment projects have also increased the amount being invested from US$1.6 billion at the beginning of the period to around US$5.4 billion today.

In addition, during these five years the agency has promoted innovative projects in areas such as digital technology, foodtech, agritech, biotechnology and renewable energies, among others. The following are just some examples:

  • The Live Green Co. (India), a company that makes 100% plant-based products using a recommendation engine called Charaka;
  • Nutrix (Switzerland), which created the first non-invasive glucose measurement nanosensor, which will be built in Chile;
  • SpaceX (USA), Elon Musk’s Company that, with Starlink Chile, will bring satellite internet to areas of the country without fiber optics or mobile broadband;
  • EIG Global Energy Partners (USA) with Cerro Dominador, the first concentrated solar power plant in Latin America;
  • Michelin (France) with its tire recycling pyrolysis plant, located in Mejillones and the company’s first of its kind in the world.

To continue increasing the number of projects in this sector, InvestChile Managing Director Andres Rodríguez and the head of the Investment Promotion Division, Salvatore Di Giovanni, visited San Francisco and Washington DC at the beginning of October to meet with technology companies such as Netflix, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Evernote, and Google, among others.

Source/ Image Credit: InvestChile