New Swiss Business Hub in Chile

swiss business hub chile

Switzerland Global Enterprise Trade Point has now been expanded into a Swiss Business Hub in Chile.

For several years now, S-GE has been operating a branch office in Chile at the Swiss Embassy in Santiago together with the DFA. The needs of Swiss SMEs could and can be met precisely thanks to sound market knowledge and an excellent local network of contacts. Thanks to the growing need for services as well as Chile’s great potential for the future, the Trade Point has now been expanded into a Swiss Business Hub. S-GE can thus offer Swiss companies ideal framework conditions and customized support to survive in this international, demanding market environment while also informing innovative Chilean companies about the advantages of Switzerland. Read more about S-GE’s institutional set up HERE

Chile wants to be at the top, Swiss companies can make an important contribution with their innovative strength

Chile wants to expand its production capacities for renewable energies significantly to become a top-5 supplier of hydrogen and, therefore, develop an extremely abundant source of income. At the same time, the country wants to modernize the mining of its strategic metals and make it more sustainable. This requires clean technologies, digital solutions and automation, but also a wide range of services. As early as this decade, mobility in the mines and in public transport is to be converted to hydrogen and battery power. As a result of this, an internal market is being built up for those technologies, which are to become export hits in the medium term.

Swiss players have already been among the most important investors in Chile in the past and have contributed towards giving Switzerland an excellent image among the population. As an innovative country with high environmental standards, Switzerland and its companies can continue to make an important contribution towards Chile’s development in the coming years.

Source/Image Credit: Switzerland Global Enterprise