Weekly update on geopolitical events and their business impacts

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A weekly newsletter on geopolitical events and their business impacts.

We are happy to introduce a new feature on our digital platform: the weekly online update on geopolitical events and their impact on businesses. It’s been fascinating to tease out how matters normally reserved for diplomats and policymakers have serious implications for business strategy and operations. Each week, Damien Bruckard will cover major international relations developments, their impacts on business, and some thoughts on how companies can respond.

While there is no shortage of (great!) writing on foreign affairs, it is almost always addressed to policymakers. Which is fine, but most people are not policymakers and so many geopolitical developments clearly do matter for business.

Damien’s experience as a diplomat and now at the International Chamber of Commerce has shown how little the foreign policy, trade policy and business communities interact with and understand one another. But also how valuable it is when they do. Check it out HERE.

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Damien Bruckard is the Deputy Director for Trade and Investment at the International Chamber of Commerce, the institutional representative of over 45 million businesses worldwide, where he leads ICC’s trade policy work. Prior to joining ICC, Damien was a diplomat, trade negotiator and legal advisor at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Image Credit: Damien Bruckard